Hello, readers! I recently traveled to the end of the world, El Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, Argentina on my way to Antarctica. A fantastic 12-day voyage without Internet gave me time to marvel at the gorgeous views, make new friends, work on some projects, get pecked by a penguin, and ponder life. It reminded me of how important it is to disconnect … and how useful it can be to achieving goals! I was able to finish a major writing project during the trip without feeling like I was missing out or “working on vacation.”

Sometimes we think that taking time away or “self care” is a luxury that we can’t afford when we’re in a work crunch. But I think of it as fuel. You would never train for a run and deny yourself food or sleep — because you need those things to run! They are not luxuries; they are necessary. So is getting enough sleep, proper diet, and down time. I am back so refreshed and ready to go!

What’s important to you to refresh?