Date of Event: November 13, 2018

From left, Heather Corliss (UCSD), Sean Haley (CUNY), HeeJin Jun (UCSD), Jennifer Felner (UCSD), Jennifer Wisdom (Wisdom Consulting), and Bryan Cochran (U of Montana).

Dr. Wisdom serves as a consultant with a University of California-San Diego team on a National Institutes of Health study that was recently presented at the annual conference of the American Public Health Association in San Diego. The mixed methods study chronicles differences between heterosexual and LGBT youth from the Growing Up Today Study on substance use initiation, treatment and recovery.  The team is led by Heather Corliss at UCSD and includes HeeJin Jun and Jennifer Felner from UCSD, as well as Sean Haley at City University of New York and Bryan Cochran from the University of Montana. The recorded presentation is available here. The full study description is here.