Jennifer Wisdom Consulting is a full service firm to help executives and other leaders lead with wisdom, achieve clarity, and reach their greatest potential.

Dr. Wisdom’s practice emphasizes bringing strategy to process, helping people move forward in transitions, growing talent in organizations, and developing emerging skills in future performers. She coaches individuals and teams to:

·      Help them clarify achievable goals and strategy for themselves and their organization;

·      Provide tools, strategies, and structure to implement strategy and overcome barriers to success;

·      Identify concrete steps to make sustainable progress and help the organization see a spectacular return on their investment; and

·      Support clients in taking responsibility in applying their strengths toward goal achievement.

Dr. Wisdom approaches consultations knowing that even the most capable individuals sometimes struggle with internal and external challenges that keep them from success. Her role is to help clients capitalize on their skills and resources to dramatically improve their success. 


Change management

Work with stakeholders to clarify problem and potential solutions / Translate strategy into action / Provide support and coaching to enact solutions

Leadership consultation and coaching

Individual coaching / Team consultation and problem-solving (with individual follow up) / Trainings and presentations on topics such as negotiation, conflict management, teamwork, and leadership / Specialty in working with technically proficient individuals who are challenged in managing staff and getting things done

Grant/scholarship coaching

Interpret the request for applications and guidelines in light of organization goals / Assess strengths,  organize resources and staff to respond to the application, and assist in establishing timelines and goals / Assist in completing proposal and attachments for successful submission

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I promise my clients that I will:

Bring all my experience, expertise, compassion, and creativity to assist them in resolving their issues
Help clients integrate strategy and process to create the greatest success
Be sensitive enough so they can work through problems in a safe environment and firm enough to facilitate real change

My clients will:

Bring their whole selves to the challenges we discuss
Find solutions that are consistent with their values and which feed their soul
Learn new skills and apply them with grace and confidence
Connect better with others in their workplace
Boost productivity and accomplishment
Feel better about their work and themselves

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to help you lead with wisdom and reach your greatest potential.


Jennifer was quick to understand the organization’s particular needs and quickly started configuring the organization to make it a professional, knowledgeable and customer service driven organization. She was instrumental in forming effective teams, creating and implementing systems and reporting tools, and bridging gaps between our central units. The results are invaluable.

Perhaps most importantly, the result of my work with Jennifer is that I have grown in confidence from a manager of a 5-person team who never thought she was capable to manage a large team, to today where I have succeeded in becoming an Assistant Director leading a team of more than 20 employees. Jennifer gently pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally.

A.S., Assistant Director A.S., Assistant Director

I believe Jennifer can bring about such great success because it doesn’t occur to her that something is impossible.

R.D., University Administrator

Jennifer has provided excellent coaching to help me achieve my goals at work. She advised on managing up, managing my colleagues, and getting things done. She is incredible!

K.H., University Faculty

Jennifer has so much she can do that merely limiting herself to what is possible is painful for her.

F.L., University Faculty
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After a career researching how to increase personal and organizational effectiveness, Dr. Jennifer Wisdom helps leaders and teams get things done. Her clarity has contributed to the success of individuals and organizations on topics including leadership, career development, and research at:

U.S. Veterans Health Administration (Palo Alto CA)
Africa Population Health Research Center (Nairobi, Kenya)
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor MI)
Columbia University (New York NY)
Harvard University/Brigham Women’s Hospital (Boston MA)
Instituto Nacional de Salud (Lima Peru)
Association of American Medical Colleges (Washington DC)
University of South Florida College of Public Health (Tampa FL)
George Washington University (Washington DC)
Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore MD)
University of Missouri (Columbia MO)
Kansas University Medical Center

Dr. Wisdom has worked in complex human service, government, and educational environments for 25 years, including the U.S. military, non-profit service delivery programs, and higher education. Jennifer Wisdom has a PhD in Clinical Psychology (2001) from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and a Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2003) from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. She is a member of the American Public Health Association, Mixed Methods International Research Association, and Academy Health, and has been on the faculty at Columbia University in New York, Oregon Health & Science University, and George Washington University.

Dr. Wisdom’s professional experience and travels have taken her to 21 countries and 48 states. She is a licensed clinical psychologist.

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